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My son has been with Margaret since January 2010, one month before he turned 2.  When we first moved back to TX, we were living and moving in Plano, about 15 minutes from Margaret’s daycare. Having had my older child in both in-home and daycare centers, I wanted the closeness and “family feel” of an in home daycare for my son. From the moment we went to meet with her, my son took to her.

Over the years, we have moved twice (to McKinney and Frisco) and now work in Irving, and while there is no shortage of daycares closer to us, at no point was it a considerable option for us to move him to something closer to home, until he started kinder. Now that he is in school full time, he spends all holiday and school breaks at her house.  This is how much we love her- that we are willing to drive an extra half hour plus every day because we couldn’t imagine taking him anywhere else. Eventually (soon!), he will grow too old to spend breaks at the day care and will start going to a standard camp, but in the meantime, he loves going back to see Margaret and “Margaret’s kids”.. the other kids at daycare are like brothers and sisters to him.

Margaret invests so much of herself into every kid that she takes care of- she goes beyond being a “daycare lady” and really does become like a member of your family, as cliche as that may sound. If your child is going to be with someone full time, you want to go beyond a “daycare”, which is why we were drawn to Margaret’s place to begin with. I saw her more as someone that I co-parented with, that helped me raise my son, since I don’t have the option of being home with him full time. This is quite honestly the best possible scenario if you do have to entrust your child in someone’s care.

When my son started Kindergarten last August, Margaret already had him reading, and doing math easily at a 1st or 2nd grade level (my SIL is an elementary principal, and showing her what he could do, this was her assessment, not mine :) ).   Margaret doesn’t just watch kids.. she teaches them and nurtures them and loves them and becomes emotionally invested in them and grooms them for what comes next in their life.                       Rosie M. – Mckinney, TX


When looking for a new daycare for my son, I found A Wee Lil Tots and made an appointment to meet and view the daycare.  I had already checked on some other places and honestly wasn’t finding the right fit for my son.  When arriving to the daycare it was a house and I was kinda nervous but when I first met Mrs. Margaret all the fears deminsished.  She is an astonishing woman who not only cares for your child while in her care she goes above and beyond for her children. My son gets more spoiled at daycare then at home with new toys and games to play with.  Margaret invests all her time and effort into the children.  When my son first started he was behind in somethings, such as potty training, the place I had him before I found Margaret’s did not work with him like she has,  I would say within a month if not less he was fully potty trained. She is such a wonderful person with a great heart and will go to the moon and back for her children.  I can not express enough of what a blessing this woman and this daycare have been to us.  Margaret has worked with a variety of different children, I love the fact that she understands ADHD which my son has and helps me understand it more. She embraces every child with any condition and strives to bring the best out in any child with any condition. Margaret is very structured when it comes to running her daycare. My son has learned all his colors, numbers, even the months of the year and he is only 3! I could seriouly go on and on about the greatness of this daycare! If you are looking for a dependable, caring, loving, structured, productive daycare you defintly have found your match! You can drop your kids off and head to work with the ease of knowing your child will be safe and well taken care of.                                  Misty S – Richardson, TX